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Guilden Village 

Ashville Construction is very proud to have been a part of the process for Guilden Village. A PBSA (Purpose Built Student Accommodation) in Guildford.

Featuring exceptional amenities to foster students’ health & wellbeing. This stunning space was designed and created by Future Generation to form the perfect home away from home for students studying at university.

This project had many ups and downs from the beginning. With many months of planning and preparation, Ashville finally started on the demolition of the pre-existing building that was there. The college building on the grounds was entirely demolished  by Ashville and the mammoth task was easily handled by our team with all of the rubble and waste removed from the site.

After the demolition, it was then time for the next step in the process which was the groundwork for the preparation of the structure. Whilst executing the work for the groundwork, old Roman ruins were found underneath were the old building resided. This meant that for the time being work had to be slowed down whilst the council investigated further, historic items were removed and safely preserved.

After this step Ashville handled the mass amount of muck away that was as a result of the major groundwork that was done in order to uphold the huge structures that were being built. Guilden Village is now the crown jewel of Guildford with exceptional views and amenities and an outstanding facility for students in the area.

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