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Basement Salvage Project

In this project Ashville Construction assessed the basement before any work was carried out. The client had initially tried to make this basement waterproof with various contractors and every time, there was an issue.

After careful analysis we discovered that the was major issues with the structure of the basement as there was no water management in place in and around the basement. We then started the process to make the basement completely waterproof whilst managing water around it so there is no build up and pressure building on the outside of the basement walls.

We then started to essentially build a basement within the basement, whilst putting in a Delta Membrane system that will collect any moisture or water that is in between the walls. We took every step even in waterproofing the concrete as much as possible and coating the walls in a waterproofing slurry.

We also added ventilation in the basement with a Vent-Axia system to take out the air and bring in fresh air to the basement. This is to stop bad smells and mould from forming in the basement due to lack of air circulation.

With new re-enforced walls and pillars around the basement and the Delta system taking all moisture and condensation to a water pump that pumps all excess water out of the basement, we were ready to finalise the visuals on the basement.

We put OSB boards as well as moisture resistant membrane, insulation and 2 layers of moisture resistant plasterboards on the ceilings and the walls. We finally plastered the basement and let it as it was for a further 6 months to ensure it was completely dry before continuing any work to turn this basement into a home cinema.

After 10 months of the basement being completely dry, and the client being very happy with the results, we then started the process to turn this basement, into a luxury home cinema.

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