Considerate Constructors

Here at Ashville Construction, we are delighted to be recognised as a Considerate Constructors London. As one of the largest turnkey building contractors in London and the surrounding areas, we consider the scheme a vital way of demonstrating to our clients and the industry our quality and consistent drive for improvement.

In order to be recognised as a Considerate Constructors London, we have had to adhere to a strict Code of Considerate Practice that promotes the best possible practices beyond statutory requirements. Concerning itself with any possible area in which construction activity may have a direct or indirect impact on the reputation of the industry as a whole, The Code of Practice highlights the following areas:

Ensuring all of our sites are professional and well managed

Making sure that the utmost consideration to the public near our sites, minimising disruption and creating a positive reputation for our company and the industry as a whole

Adhering to our responsibilities to protect the environment and minimising the impact our work has on the environment

Ensuring that we attain the highest levels of health and safety for all of our staff and the public alike

Providing a supportive working environment for all of our staff on site

Having been set up in 1997, over 100,000 sites have been registered as considerate constructors approved sites. As the scheme intends to improve the image of the construction industry, we pride ourselves in having achieved this accreditation and we aim to exceed the required criteria for every project and job we carry out.

It’s our belief that alongside our other accreditation as a Trustmark Builder, a Safe Constructor and an NHBC Builder we now have extensive recognition that the quality of our services deserve.

If you would like to find out more about Ashville Construction, or to make an appointment with our team, you can do so by contacting our dedicated office team by ringing 020 7736 0355 or by entering your details online here.

Considerate Constructors