Loft Conversions Mayfair – Ashville Inc

With every square foot being of value in London, homes are getting smaller, families are growing and the demand for bigger homes is at it’s highest. Loft conversions Mayfair mean families can extend their homes vertically, creating additional living space and value. Loft Conversions Mayfair are a great way to create bedrooms, bathrooms, studies and […]

Garage Conversions – £250,000?

A Garage Conversion London has recently been put on the market for £250,000 as a ‘one-bedroom studio’. This garage conversion in Highgate has the same asking as a villa with a pool in Spain, as well as a six-bedroom house in Sheffield. The advert claims the 224sq ft. contains a kitchenette and bathroom, which emerges […]

Building Contractor Feature In Houzz

Ashville Inc, the Building Contractor Slough, had a feature in Houzz magazine. Ashville’s project manager gives his views on which questions clients should ask right at the start of a project.  

Basement Conversions Ealing – Ashville Inc

Basement Conversions Ealing Space comes at a premium, especially in prime postcodes. New builds can often be small plots, with small square footage per unit, resulting in undersized living spaces. Buyers of course have the option of purchasing a period property which generally have larger rooms, however it can be costly trying to rework or […]

Wooden Flooring – Home Refurbishment Chelsea

Wooden Flooring – Home Refurbishment Chelsea Wooden Flooring A growing number of residential and commercial property owners look to refurbish their property in order to increase its value and make it more livable and one day more saleable. Replacing a present flooring solution is often a consideration and the possibility of wood flooring may come […]

Bespoke Wine Cellar News Article

Home Refurbishment Ealing Bespoke Wine Cellar are replacing home cinemas and basement gyms in our affections as the perfect way to indulge a hobby, and provide some investment value. Homeowners are leaning towards the trend in improving rather than moving and having a wine cellar is something you can enjoy, whilst also providing a functioning feature. When it […]

Jack Wilshere signed T-Shirt! Interior Design Chiswick

Jack Wilshere signed T-Shirt! Interior Design Chiswick Thank you to Jack Wilshere for the signed England shirt for our showroom. It was a pleasure working with him, the boys have never had so many nice cups of tea!!!! We recently had the pleasure of doing a bespoke wine cellar, a walk-in-wardrobe and other refurbishment works […]