Wendy houses selling for up to £150,000!

Design and Build Contractor Slough – Wendy houses selling for up to £150,000! Most people would remember there childhood playhouse to be a couple of old bed sheets hung around made into a den in their room, or that fine moment your parent bought something new and you turned the empty boxes into your dream play […]

Basement Conversion Mayfair

Basement Conversion Mayfair A Millionaire banker has been granted planning permission to create a basement connecting three Knightsbridge properties. Once the basement conversion complex is completed the property will be worth around £50 million! The Millionaire has purchased two mews houses opposite each other on parallel streets. The main property already has a basement conversion, […]

28ft Deep Mansion Basement Conversions

Basement Conversions Chiswick A London property owner is currently planning one of the most luxurious mansion basement conversions London ever seen. The triple-decker underground basement conversion will include an entertainment room, massage rooms, two-level gym, hot tub, 25m swimming pool, sauna/steam room along with a wine cellar, and cigar room. This basement conversion complex will […]

London’s Expanding – Home Extensions

London’s Expanding exponentially and have been growing in size and developing for hundreds of years before today. The demand for new homes, home refurbishments and home extensions Chelsea is at its highest for many years. The comparison between the capital in previous centuries to today is fascinating and shows just how fundamentally different the landscape of […]

Lifting Your Home – Home Refurbishments Ealing

Home Refurbishments Ealing Ordinarily when homeowners are hit by flooding they have two options: One, move out and sell the property. Two, carry out a home refurbishment and pray the rivers don’t burst again. Now however, lifting your home is an option. However, one determined couple whose home was ruined last year when the Thames […]

Luxury Penthouse Ski Jump – Home Refurbishment London

Luxury Penthouse Ski Jump – Home Refurbishment London If you are a Ski lover there is nothing better than walking straight out of your door onto the slopes. This apartment is surrounded by mountains and fresh snow, but best of all it is situated 210ft above a Ski jump! This luxury penthouse is located on top […]

Luxury Hotel Spends £7million Building Tree-Houses

Building Contractor Windsor Luxury Hotel Spends £7million Building Tree-Houses The Chewton Glen in Hampshire’s New Forest is the only place in the country where guests can enjoy a luxury stay in their very own tree pod. Built high among the trees of a secluded valley, each treehouse is the perfect setting for unwinding and for […]

Loft Conversions Mayfair – Ashville Inc

With every square foot being of value in London, homes are getting smaller, families are growing and the demand for bigger homes is at it’s highest. Loft conversions Mayfair mean families can extend their homes vertically, creating additional living space and value. Loft Conversions Mayfair are a great way to create bedrooms, bathrooms, studies and […]

Stamp Duty Changes – Home Refurbishment Mayfair

Home Refurbishment Mayfair From the 4th December stamp duty on home purchases have been reformed, so how will this effect/benefit us…. The previous stamp duty used to operate throughout the UK by charging successively higher rates on the whole purchase of a property, for example, someone who is purchasing a home which cost £250,000 would […]