House Renovation | St Johns Wood Family Home

House Renovation Project for a North London Property

House Renovation and Refurbishment projects are very popular constructional works carried out in London. Partially due to the very high demand for a good quality residential properties for rent and buy purposes. But also with growing new and modern build and design materials, including but not limiting to Home Automation and other high tech solutions  house renovation becomes a very popular choice.

This property was purchased as a London home for a travelled family, who visit frequently. This project consisted of a full home refurbishment, including structural alterations, a bespoke kitchen, new bathrooms and Home Automation.

“Modern, but not cold and lifeless”, was the brief. The client also expressed a need to incorporate specific colours into areas of the home. For instance, black and red were the only requirement for the kitchen and the rest was left to our design team.

All bathrooms where designed and specified by in-house team. The master En-suite had to be a private area, where one could “Chill-out”, while all other bathrooms had to be modern, but functional for growing teenagers.

Woodwork within the master suite and living areas were bespoke. Lighting, flooring, tiles, colour schemes and décor specifics were taken from concept and evolved in design meetings. The entire heating system was upgraded and the property fully rewired to current British standards of Electrical Work.