Loft Storage Ideas

Loft conversions are amazing ways to add extra space and value to any home. Our team have come up with some ingenious space saving and storage ideas to suit most types of loft conversions.

In any area in your home it is important to utilise as much floor to ceiling space as possible, for example; utilising one side of your wall to create some bespoke built in wardrobes.  Clever use of the eaves space for cupboards is a wonderful way to maximise as much storage space. Loft spaces are usually awkward shaped rooms, so furniture and shelving that can be built into the eaves or wall space is more beneficial. Certain furniture can also double up as storage e.g Ottoman cubes, tables with drawers and beds with drawers or space underneath. High Shelving above your eye line, can be a great place to store items that are not frequently used.

To find a place for everything in your home, we start with a thorough assessment of your space, looking for ways to successfully store your belongings and create a wonderful aesthetic that you are truly happy with.