Stone Options for Interior Design

Stone Options – Home Renovation – Interior Design

When it comes to your dream home design you want everything to be perfect to the every little detail. We are here to help you to make the decisions right for you. This article focuses on explaining the different stone options you can use in the interior design of your house from living areas to bathroom and kitchen.

Granite and marble are the most popular stone options, but differ greatly when it comes to durability. Granite is extremely dense and hardwearing. It’s a great option, because over its lifetime it looks exactly the same as the day it’s installed. It also requires very little maintenance. Granite, once found only in high-end kitchens, is more commonplace today and is by far the most popular natural stone countertop material.

Marble is a far more absorbent surface than granite. But that isn’t necessarily bad news as many homeowners enjoy the character that marble countertops take on over time. Marble tiles have been the floor and wall covering of choice for centuries and are still used to recreate highly traditional marble flooring. Polished black and white marble tiles are the classic Victorian flooring but there are many variations.

Another popular choice in the home is slate. Overtime it got recognised by many as good value for money and as a perfect stone for using both inside and outside. It is most commonly used for floor and wall tiles or bespoke, custom-made pieces. Slate is not as absorbent as other natural stone tiles like sandstone, which is why it can also be used for roof tiles. Slate is a dense rock and is generally charcoal grey in colour, but is available in other shades like rust, green and red. Real slate tiles remain a popular choice for use throughout the home, owing to its affordable and durable nature.

Soapstone is often used as an alternative natural stone countertop instead of granite or marble. It is unaffected by the more common kitchen spills, such as the stains left by tomatoes, wine, vinegar, grape juice and other common food items. Soapstone is also unaffected by heat and hot pots. It also can be placed directly on it without fear of melting, burning or other damage to your countertop.

In addition to marble, granite, slate and soapstone, another popular choice in the home is limestone. Many people think of limestone as a relatively soft creamy coloured stone. Actually, some limestones are very hard and durable and they occur in a wide range of colours, from pale cream through to near black. The density, or hardness, of limestone can vary just as much. As a general rule, the pale limestones tend to be softer and the darker ones tend to be harder. But there are plenty of exceptions.

We hope this will steer you in the right direction. If you have further questions on renovation, refurbishment or anything else related to making your home the best place on the Earth, please do send us an email or enter your details online by clicking here. We will be happy to assist you in creating something truly special for you and your family.