Driveway, Landscaping and Driveway Ideas

The external areas of your property are an important feature of your home. They can increase your property value and create an elegant aesthetic that will compliment the style of your internal décor.

There are many different options to consider. Light touches or a complete overhaul, can change the look and feel of your property, setting it apart from other property. Below are some ideas we’ve put together for your reference;

  • Paving – Natural & Reconstructed Stone, Brick & Concrete

Choosing the right paving for your garden or driveway is clearly a matter of taste and budget. With regard to style it is helpful to consider if it is a contemporary modern look you are seeking or a more traditional rustic feel. The type of paving you choose will depend on how big the space is, and what function you need it for.

  • Fencing – Custom, Pergolas, Arbours & Raised Planters

Frame and finish your garden or outside space with a selection of fencing options. Fencing panels provide an excellent boundary for front and rear gardens for your property. Some people install fence panels around their front garden, with a gate, to ensure that small children and pets can’t be exposed to the dangers of leaving safe areas. For others, fencing panels are provided for design and decor only.

  • Decking – Hardwood, softwood & composite

Recent advancements have developed many low maintenance products that look great and last a long time. When choosing your decking material keep in mind its durability, maintenance, and aesthetic appeal. Deck structures are all made out of the same material, pressure treated lumber, however the actual decking, can be made from a variety of woods or composites.

  • Turfing – Real & Artificial

Whether you’re starting a new lawn from scratch or adding to an existing one, turf is a quick and easy solution. Lawns not only make great recreational areas, they can be a feature and add style to any garden.  Regardless of which type of turf you choose, a healthy lawn looks attractive, increases the allure of your garden and is also beneficial to the environment.

  • Water features – Sprinklers, Ponds, Foundations & Wall features

Your water feature will be the focal point of your garden, so it’s important that you take a little time and consider what you need to create the perfect result. Water features can turn a boring landscape design into an oasis retreat.

  • Ambient lighting schemes – Deck, Plant, Security & Fence Uplighting

Designing your landscape lighting always starts by considering how you intend to use the space. In addition to thinking about how you plan to use the area there are design considerations as well. Lights can help you safely walk down a pathway, but they can also provide a gorgeous view and allow you to enjoy your landscaping even after dark. The design elements of your layout are every bit as important as the function of your layout.

  • Automated sliding/opening driveway gates – Woodwork & Metal

An automatic sliding gate is an ideal solution where there is limited space for an entrance because they take up little space, while open or closed or when opening and closing.  Sliding gates are also a good way of creating more useable space for parking. Sliding gates are a popular choice because of their smart appearance, efficient design and good craftsmanship.

  • Front/rear garden gates – Woodwork & Metal

Garden gates can make a great feature to any garden. Whether you want wooden driveway gates or bespoke steel gates, there are many options available. Garden gates are not only considered a functional device in a garden but are also considered an attractive landscaping element. Garden gates can range from being simple to extremely elaborate. There are modern garden gates to choose from as well as antique and retro designs.

  • Garden Room– Gyms, Cinemas, Reading, Meeting Rooms

A garden room can expand your living space, giving you a new place to relax, enjoy your gardening or other hobbies, or mingle with friends. If you want a quiet place to relax and enjoy privacy, make an outdoor room in a quiet secluded part of your garden.  Alternatively your garden room can house a meeting room for those that work from home, a gym, or state of the art home cinema.

  • Cooking facilities – Bespoke Barbecue, Hot/Cold Water & Sink.

Outdoor cooking is the very latest in garden trends. Simple clay ovens or chimineas, stylish firepits or sophisticated state-of-the-art outdoor kitchens are all perfect for eating out every night. Entertaining friends and family in your garden, needn’t mean you having to prepare inside and miss the festivities outside. Using the same functions as your indoor kitchen, you can create an area that is fully functional for everyone to enjoy.

  •  Entertainment facilities – Outdoor speakers

Outdoor speakers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, types, and colours. Play your favourite music, talk radio or sports program in your outdoor oasis. Outdoor speakers can be installed under the eaves in plain sight, concealed among the flowers and shrubs in your garden or disguised to look like a tree stump, a large rock, a fountain or a garden bench.