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Double Story Extension - Ashville Inc

Double story extensions are widely regarded as a way of transforming your existing property, rather than relocating. Extending across multiple levels means adding living space throughout your home, not just in the kitchen or living room.

Generally, a Double Story Extension will be in keeping with the existing character of your home and when completed, seem to have been always there. However, some of our clients prefer to create a focal point and have the double story extension clearly stand out. For instance, a victorian property has an abundance of tradition and history. Glass and white rendered box shaped double story extensions perfectly combine the classic and modern side by side.

No double story extension project is the same. Variations occur because of property type, size, planning limitations and client requirements. We have created extensions which are an equal size on each level. We have also created extensions in which the second floor is slightly staggered. This is normally by one meter and is because we have dramatically extended on the floor below.

All Double Story Extensions are subject to planning permission. At Ashville our in-house team have years of experience in gaining permission from the local authority in nearly every borough. Despite our tried and tested formula, on each project we take into account how our clients live and how they would like the new space to work for them. We combine their input with our experience, planning guidelines and ensure we request the best case scenario the first time. We follow up and keep an open continued dialogue with the planning officer in order to achieve a favourable decision.

A stand alone Double Story extension project will in most cases mean our clients can still live within the property. We can begin shell and superstructure works externally and only merge with the property at the internal fit out stage. If we are carrying our multiple conversions, extensions and refurbishing simultaneously, it will not be possible to remain within the property.

Ashville Inc are a turn key Design and Build contractor. We have the capabilities to handle every element from concept to completion. However, should our clients appoint consultants such and as Architects and Engineers, we are more than happy to work with them and build to an agreed specification.

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