Games Room

The brief was to create a venue which could act as a games room and also as an adult entertainment area. The client expressed a need for the entertaining area to have ‘dramatic impact’ and ‘wow factor’ for guests as they enter. As the remainder of this home had ample natural light in all rooms, this area would be dark and have atmospheric lighting.

Some walls were fitted with dark glass covering and others fashioned with fabric. Comfort seating was covered in the same fabric as the walls. An XL high gloss black tile was used for the flooring. The backlit bar was a bespoke creation, which provided all the amenities necessary to entertain and interacted with lighting.

A 60inch 3D television was mirrored with a fish tank. Lutron lighting provided ambience for all scenarios. Control4 enabled control of all audio/visual and climate control functions. High specification ceiling speakers delivered music directly from the television or an audio library.

The centrepiece of this impressive space was the glass, see-through, colour changing pool table, which is enjoyed using a chrome cue stick and glass triangle.