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Home Refurbishment Ealing

Home Refurbishment Ealing

Bespoke Wine Cellar are replacing home cinemas and basement gyms in our affections as the perfect way to indulge a hobby, and provide some investment value. Homeowners are leaning towards the trend in improving rather than moving and having a wine cellar is something you can enjoy, whilst also providing a functioning feature. When it comes to building a wine cellar, you can make it as simple or as luxurious as your taste or space dictates. Showcasing your collection for personal use or investment can create a talking point for your guests and provide enjoyment for years to come.

The current trend sees wine cellars appearing in properties of all values.  With homeowners enjoying the benefits of entertaining and partaking in a unique pastime.

Having a wine cellar means you can buy wine before it’s ready to drink, generally meaning you purchase it at better value. Wine is proving to be a good investment, with it outperforming the stock market year after year.

Housing a Bespoke Wine Cellar sets your home apart from similar houses on the market. Creating a niche for the more discerning investor. The dramatic growth in wine has fuelled the addition of wine cellars in homes, whether integrated into an already owned property or designed at the concept stages of a new build.

A 2006 survey from Standard Life Bank predicts that around 14 million people now buy wine to store rather than to drink immediately. This is consequently fuelling a steadily increasing demand for high quality, elegant wine storage solutions for the home. From highly modern to classic with an aged feel. The same report estimates that a good ‘showcase’ wine cellar can now increase the value of a property, depending on the spec.

Advances in technology means that you can now control and monitor your wine cellar through iPads or iPhones.  These features work in tandem with Smart Home Automation. Keeping a wine inventory, which catalogues your wine’s region, bottle value, vintage etc, can all be integrated into your home automation, as well as monitoring the climate.

Although personal wine cellars have also become more affordable in recent years and the options are more varied, a wine cellar still needs to be planned and thought through with care. General opinion seems to suggest that a cellar is certainly not just an investment in the bottles; a good wine cellar should, of course, complement and enhance a living space.

Some tips to consider when designing your Bespoke Wine Cellar;

  • Remember Bespoke Wine Cellar is a functional storage space that must protect a perishable product from heat, light and humidity, with adequate insulation on the walls and ceiling and an airtight door.
  • The ideal temperature for storing wine is around 55F (10C). Cellars or basements are nearly always naturally the correct temperature.
  • Terracotta wine racks naturally maintain a cool, even temperature. But some wines such as Bordeaux are best stored in their original wooden cases.
  • If you intend to keep good wines, don’t scrimp on the cost of the cellar. And don’t store paint, thinner or other chemicals nearby.

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